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Photo of PNC-0226 Fairchild C-26B Metro 23 by Santiago Escobar Expand image
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Great crew on short final 13R, fighting the 15 knot cross winds combined with showers over the runway. A great way to end an amazing flight. Special thanks to them for this oportunity.


Canon EOS 400D XTi

Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

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Comments (7)
Posted by Tomás Cubero Maingot - SJO Spotter on May 11, 2008

Great shot Santiago, congratulations on the top 24hrs!

Posted by Stefano Rota - Ecuadorian Spotters on May 11, 2008

Great opportunity there on a cool airplane, adverse weather, and lucky you, from the jumpseat, or cockpit door during this crossed landing! Nice shot, and take advantage of these chances!!! Nice quality as well! Saludos Santi! Congrats for top of the day!

Posted by Andrés Meneses Calleja - AirTeamImages on May 11, 2008

Great shot. Weather looks awful, the picture of course don't :)

Posted by Pablo Ramírez on May 11, 2008

Excellent shot Santiago!!...congratulations for the top of the day too....well done!!!

Posted by Eduardo Ocampo on May 10, 2008

Great shot mate! As're one lucky dude!!! FAA, the Police...try to get a shot on the FAC-0001...I figure they'd let you in!!!

Posted by Nicolás Pombo on May 10, 2008

Santiago, as usual having very nice shots, but this one is Excellent. Good Job !!!

Posted by Roberto Leiro on May 10, 2008

Excellent picture Santiago, the level of sharpness is quite nice and depicts the classical rainy landings at El Dorado. Keep on the excellent work!

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