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Photo of EC-JOH Airbus A340-642 by Stefano Rota - Ecuadorian Spotters Expand image
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Aircraft: Airbus A340-642

Airline: Iberia

Serial #: 731




"Miguel de Unamuno" Exclusive Images of one of the most terrible incidents I’ve witnessed in UIO. The airplane landed at 17:15 with light rain and wet RWY. According to people who saw the airplane land, the aircraft it skid out of control, and over shot the RWY into the grass area. As it hit the grass one of the main landing gears tore off, the aircraft sank into the grass hitting part of the underground tunnel structure, ripping and blowing up other tires making the plane stop. Then engines 1 and 2 hit the ground causing them to rip off the wing. Certainly a terrible incident, thankfully no fatalities! Airport will be closed for about 1 day.


Canon 400D

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Comments (4)
Posted by on November 11, 2007

Unfortunately I think this one will be written off

Posted by Georgies on November 11, 2007

Creepy airport there in Quito. These folks are lucky...

Posted by Eric Pajaud on November 10, 2007

Waaaaaw.... The first major accident for an A340-600 !!!! I have just seen it during his manufacturing and flight test and when I see wing and engines, I could say they are more work for him !!!!

Posted by TheFlyingCroc on November 10, 2007

Thank God no casualties, Pretty unfortunate for such a young bird...I wonder if it's economically viable to repair it?

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