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Photo of N787BA Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner by Stephen De Vight Expand image
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A truly remarkable aircraft. The Boeing 787 sits outside the hanger at Boeing's Everett plant on the day of its rollout.

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Posted by Shaffer on July 10, 2007

One word to describe this shot...AWESOME! Just look at the streamlined aerodynamic fuselage... the edges on the thrust reverser panel on the engines.... flexing dynamic wings... and a state of the art cockpit.... just to mention a few.

Posted by afqr2005 on July 10, 2007

i cant wait for this thing to fly

Posted by Welcome 787 on July 10, 2007

I stayed very Happy because the new arrive of this Aircraft. Nice Picture.

Posted by Jerry Ma on July 10, 2007

very nice!

Posted by Bo Kim on July 09, 2007

Very Nice picture. It sure was a memorable day, anybody who's into aviation will never forget this moment. That includes the funny 18hr24min comment made by the Boeing President prior to its revealing. I took picts also and I hope to upload mine by next week after I get back home in Canada. What a day!

Posted by dee on July 09, 2007

Nice shot! Its not a hanger though it's a hangar.

Posted by xxx on July 09, 2007

What a beauty!!! Welcome Boeing 787!

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