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Based in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, JetPhotos.Net was founded in November 2002, and since that time, has developed into the largest aviation photography website on the internet.

From our world renowned photo database, to our unsurpassed aircraft/airliner database, and our active, friendly, and informative aviation discussion forums, JetPhotos.Net is truly a standout in the internet aviation community.

Our Aviation Photo Database, the largest in existence, contains 2,652,955 photos which have been contributed by 12,708 photographers worldwide. Approximately 5,590 world airports in 216 countries are represented in the database, and the large versions of our photos have been viewed 2,147,483,647 times.

Our Airliner & Airframe Database, the largest and most accurate in the world, is comprised of records containing the details of over 40,000 airframes - both operating and retired - worldwide, and is updated constantly to ensure unparalleled accuracy.

Our lively Discussion Forums play host to topics covering everything from airline news, to aviation photography tips, to flight simulation, and are home to over 3,500 contributors who have posted nearly 360,000 discussion articles.

Other features that you'll find only at JetPhotos.Net include our innovative Spotter's Logbook, where you can catalog and report aircraft you've spotted, and our Spotting Groups area, where like-minded people from different locales around the world gather to share their hobby.

The features outlined above are of no use, however, unless people can enjoy them, so that's why our number one priority at JetPhotos.net is you, the visitor. We will endeavor to answer any questions, concerns, suggestions, or compliments you may have for us as quickly as we can. Simply contact us and we'll get back to you before you know it.

So take a look around. Get acclimated. Let us know if you have any questions. And most of all, enjoy the wonderful world of aviation that's available right at your fingertips, here at JetPhotos.Net!

Welcome to our website! I genuinely hope you enjoy your visit! - Chris Kilroy, Founder

JetPhotos.Net is operated and maintained by an all-volunteer crew of aviation enthusiasts. These dedicated individuals combine to form a team featuring knowledge and expertise in almost all aspects of aviation, photography, web design, and programming.

Operating a web site of this magnitude would be impossible without the contributions and hard work of our crew members, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the people listed below, who make JetPhotos.Net possible:

Site Administrators:
Gabe Basco
Chris Kilroy
Nevada, USA
Stefan Kuhn
Essen, Germany
Brian Whitelegg
Kent, UK
Senior Screeners:
Pamela de Boer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Simon De Rudder
Harlingen, Netherlands
Gerardo Dominguez
Zurich, Switzerland
Stefan Kuhn
Essen, Germany
Soren Madsen
Copenhagen, Denmark
James Rowson
Crawley, UK
Omar Alex Saffe
Villars-le-Terroir, Switzerland
Brian Whitelegg
Kent, UK
Photo Screeners:
Damien Aiello
Sydney, Australia
Derin Allard
California, USA
Carlos Barcelo
Georgia, USA
Morris Biondi
Sydney, Australia
Stephen Brown
Sydney, Australia
Marcin Bryja
Lodz, Poland
Dominik Burger
Stuttgart, Germany
Mark Van Drunen
Maryland, USA
Alexandre Fazan
Hans Grubb
Georgia, USA
Dave Henderson
Belfast, UK
Seth Jaworski
Sydney, Australia
Julien Klein
Gladbeck, Germany
Roel Kroes
Peter Menner
Stuttgart, Germany
Darryl Morrell
Milton Keynes, UK
Angel Natal
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Sam Pollitt
Manchester, UK
Dave Potter
Essex, UK
Gianluca Reinarz
London, UK
Bianca Renz
Stuttgart, Germany
Erwin Stam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chris Sharps
Cheam, UK
Montague Smith
Melbourne, Australia
Kris Voronin
Alaska, USA
Khoa Vu
Nevada, USA
Database/Census Editors:
Stefan Kuhn
Essen, Germany
Erwin Stam
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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