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Photo of PH-BFG Boeing 747-406 by Denis F. McBriarty Expand image
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2006 HEINEKEN REGATTA closes down Tuesday but not before another load of party goers are welcomed to MAHO BEACH where the non-stop party is fuelled by $1.00 "greenies" from the popular SUNSET BEACH BAR.


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10.5 DX/ED

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Comments (57)
Posted by Well Done... on April 24, 2013

Nice shot Denis... Congrats to the screeners as well for letting this picture go through! Well done folks!!

Posted by Brent Milam on July 23, 2012

If you look closely, you can almost make out an airplane in this

Posted by Viktor on November 04, 2011

Dear Denis! Just met you today at Maho. Amazing shot, congratulations and keep it up! Best wishes from Hungary: Viktor

Posted by michael on August 26, 2011

great shot., all angles

Posted by Ad Lobbrecht on March 18, 2009

What can I say...nice combination of some of the most beautifull thing in the world. Nice picture.

Posted by Vic. Louie on March 18, 2009

Love the shot. Keep up the good work Denis.

Posted by sxmrestaurantman on March 02, 2009

Looks like a nice advertisement for Heineken.

Posted by Yash Rajgor on September 26, 2008

Wow!! I can see 6 GE engines in this pic! Awesome! ;)

Posted by 738NN on April 09, 2008

First stop, the beach! Not often I get to see my most favorite things in the same picture. Great Work and THANK YOU

Posted by Alex Moss on September 05, 2007

Great photo man!

Posted by Sam Davey on September 01, 2007

Harbour Bombers.

Posted by Vishal Jolapara on July 16, 2007

JumBOO Jet. What Mom ??? Oh, thats a plane that i'm lookin at !!!!!!!! Its got 2 Engines mounted on Pods :) on each Wings !!!!

Posted by Joseph on April 28, 2007

Juliana Airport haves an exlusive approach type in the world, the BBA (Big Boobs Approach).

Posted by Chasen Richardson on April 16, 2007

According to those two red dots on the right, the captain is coming in below the glideslope. Excellent!

Posted by Jeff on March 16, 2007

Yep....good timing. Nice shot

Posted by RULEZ on January 04, 2007

this photo rocks, probably best shot i've seen in my life. RE5PECTA!!!

Posted by Alex Williams on November 16, 2006

A nice set of Jumbo´s ;-) The colours of the Jumbo (in the back by the way) reminds me of the good old 747-200 from KLM. Great job, simply amazing

Posted by Hawak on November 10, 2006

That all it takes to make a good approach ....

Posted by Daniel Taylor on October 30, 2006

Well that's just perfect.... the plane of course.... the plane! Mannn, excellent B) Sun, sex and a 747!

Posted by bluebird121 on October 30, 2006

Nope that was not me .. that time

Posted by nano on October 06, 2006

Ohh man, awesome, real nice, perfect. Oh and the plane was OK.

Posted by G_SEN on September 02, 2006

No wonder the aircraft always approach so low...

Posted by Myosat on August 06, 2006

I hope the Captain and Co-Pilot were not distracted from the scene below in order to make a perfect landing.

Posted by STEVE SPEARS on June 29, 2006

I don't care about the ten bucks, like Vic, "that's it!" I'm packing my bags too! Sarah, your welcome to join us!!

Posted by John Solis - EKCH Spotters on April 26, 2006

Nice... Congratulation with your award. Excellent .... I have to check SXM for next year spotting trip. ! winks

Posted by Marco M. – Lisbon Spotters on March 20, 2006

OH My!!!! What a "plane" :-)

Posted by Denis F. McBriarty on March 20, 2006

Hey! THANKS to everyone who voted for the PEOPLES CHOICE honour. See me in SXM for an ice cold CARIB at SSBB>>>>> BIGDEN

Posted by Pablo Fraga on March 19, 2006

Now they've found another reason to fly that approach even lower! :D

Posted by Adam "I 26" Wuisman on March 19, 2006

No need for runway lights or identification markers, because those boobs could bring any aircraft in from miles away! Excellent shot!

Posted by shots4u on March 17, 2006

i love all the angles to this shot. very masterly done.

Posted by Florian Negele on March 17, 2006

Ha, great shot mate.. very nice composition! The pic shows everything I like... not only aircraft =)

Posted by David on March 17, 2006

Great picture, I love the detail, and it looks wonderful...and I also like how the plane looks.

Posted by Colin Voss on March 16, 2006

Excellent shot. Kudos to the screeners for accepting it, certainly wouldn't have been the case on a certain other site ;) .

Posted by Denis F. McBriarty on March 16, 2006

There's another site? BIGDEN

Posted by Shaggy on March 16, 2006

A Perfect 10

Posted by DJR on March 16, 2006

Wow, I love every part of that shot, especially the right hand corner!

Posted by Eric Peterson on March 16, 2006

This "aircraft" was definetly the heavy of the day!

Posted by Niels K on March 16, 2006

Three heavies in one photo, nice job!

Posted by tuto on March 15, 2006

I don't know what is the capt thinking about the "Heineken girl" below him when he's trying to land ;)

Posted by Paul Thompson on March 15, 2006

Easily the best SXM shot ever. It captures the party atmosphere & the lighting is excellent. Nice job! I have to wonder if the topless women ever notice or care when you include them in the photo...

Posted by Stephan Rossouw - FliteZoneImages on March 15, 2006

EXCELLENT PIC !!!!!!! Its a wonder the crew didn't miss the approach though!!! My new background on my laptop.. WELL DONE !

Posted by John Thompson on March 15, 2006

Big D and the "Three B's"... Boeing, Beer and BOOBIES!!!! Great shot mate!

Posted by anthony radford on March 12, 2006

lovely jumbo.s and the 747 not bad either

Posted by Krzysztof Malek on March 12, 2006

Oh man, you`ve got it. Congrats, K.

Posted by Steven James on March 12, 2006

What? This is a photo of an airplane? Oh. Sorry. I was "distracted." ($20 says this photo scores one of the site's awards)

Posted by Nigel Tam on March 11, 2006

Wow, fantastic and intriguing!

Posted by Denis F. McBriarty on March 11, 2006

THANKS for the comments! SXM continues to provide the best opportunities for FUN shooting in the world. Airport Administration realize the value spotters and photographers provide to the St. Maarten tourist industry and welcome us like nowhere else in the world. BIGDEN

Posted by Vik Hathiramani on March 11, 2006

That's it! I'm packing my bags...

Posted by YCWphotographer on March 11, 2006

10 bucks to whoever can spot the aircraft ;)

Posted by Phil Hardaker on March 10, 2006

Nice pair of jumbos.

Posted by Montague Smith-WorldWide Aviation Photos on March 10, 2006

I'd hit it! ;)

Posted by Dave Potter on March 10, 2006

For some reason I was distracted from the plane, I wonder why .... Nice shot Denis!

Posted by Juan Carlos Guerra Aviation Photography of Mexico on March 10, 2006

Seriously, this has to be the BEST shot I've ever seen. Juan

Posted by Mark H on March 10, 2006

Great way to be greeted!

Posted by Michael Oropeza on March 10, 2006

HEINEKEN Got The Smartest Marketing Ideas Ever Great Photo Of KLM 747

Posted by Brenden on March 09, 2006

Choice pic mate, Well done. Good work to the screeners for allowing this to get up. Wonders of this spot.

Posted by Cheuk Man Kevin Ho - The Hong Kong Spotters on March 09, 2006

Very nice and interesting shot! :D

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