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Photo of 9M-MRJ Boeing 777-2H6(ER) by Thomas Luethi Expand image
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This B777 made a big thing out of a Normal Take off! Tail Strike! Realy bad one! ater 40min Fule Dumping over the "Schwarzwald" it made a Emercany Landing on RWY14 with all the Firetruck`s etc.... The Flight MA9 to Kualalumpur got Canceld after 6h standing at the Gate E56 on the Dock Middfield.

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Posted by LGCIU on November 03, 2011

I was there when this happened and also saw the aircraft being repaired by the Boeing AOG team. The rear pressure bulkhead was distorted and had to be replaced (as well as the belly skins and frames). This involved removing the whole back end of the aircraft (Vert stab, horiz stab, rear emp, APU etc). If you stood directly behind the aircraft you could see the last row of seats! Since Japan Boeing take no chances with pressure bulkheads. It was a remarkable piece of work and a credit to the skill of the Boeing engineers and mechanics.

Posted by 5er Driver on July 01, 2007

Great shot, embarrassing incident for all involved. Lucky that everyone got out of this safely. Looks like a big dog dragging his rear end across the carpet!

Posted by Scott Kerhaert on May 20, 2006

Wow! can you imagine what that sounded and felt like ??????!!!!!!

Posted by Sallehuddin on May 13, 2006

any story from passengers?

Posted by tEAm4za on May 03, 2006

Thats definitely more than 20 degrees nose-up. It really over over-rotated. Cheers for the photographer. Awwwww for the plane.

Posted by Kyle Guilbeau on December 29, 2005

Hate to be on that flight. Great shot Thomas.

Posted by david_FNP on November 20, 2005

If F-WWOW did this it would destroy the runway...

Posted by Teichi on July 19, 2005

I'd be scared to hell as the pilot!!!!!

Posted by Thomas Luethi on May 15, 2005

Now too all, one of the facts that MH9 dident rotate, Mr. Red Cap on ground( Rampagent ) made some Failurs with some numbers of weight. Pilots get the wrong info-rong weight (less from what they are) too slow V1 Vr V2 Speed`s, PIC pulls and pulls and god damnit why is this ding not lifting?zzzzzzzzzzz Tailstrike. Thanks too all!

Posted by Tom Neilson on May 14, 2005

Great shot! :D On the day this happend i was on my way to EWR from BHX (Birmingham, England) little did i know this was happening so far away! again great shot Thomas ;)

Posted by Mav75 on February 19, 2005

Now that's what I call keeping your chin up!

Posted by Rutger Leunen on August 08, 2004

Great Picture Thomas! I guess the reason was a too early rotation, with this result. Always nice too catch such incidents!

Posted by Nicholas Ryan on August 02, 2004

Wondering what did the pilots in the Avro RJ & the truck driver must have said.......(get explaination from Tripe 7 pilot & fellow JP spotter=TK!!!)

Posted by TK on July 30, 2004

BIG mistake on rotation rate (maybe) or so by the pilot. Pilots nightmare for the technical inquiries. Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit voice recorder DOES NOT hide things. Good shot at Bad moment!! What a pity.

Posted by dave maccormick on July 30, 2004

Who ever the pilots are, they should be fired....MORONS!!!! The damage would have been very expensive to fix. T/o Attitude should have been 10 degrees and inceased at 2 degrees per second till the plane is climbing......It looks like 20 plus!!!!!

Posted by Sabet El-Masri on July 30, 2004

Firts of all, thank God all passengers are safe.. poor B-777.. Congrats to the photographer Thomas Luethi for his excellent pic.. By the way, last winter I over-rotate during a Take-Off from Hamilton (Ontario-Canada).. but Flight-Simulator are always much more tolerant!!

Posted by Wietse de Graaf on July 30, 2004

Yeah sure, blame the pilots without a clue as to what happened. Stop jumping to conclusions. There are dozens of reasons why this might have happened, and I don't think you are the expert here.

Posted by Thomas Luethi on July 30, 2004

"Take-Off from Hamilton (Ontario-Canada).. " Oh realy ? I got Born in St.Joseph in Burlington but thats 16 years ago! THX to all for the nice words! This is just a lucky shot! I dont think blame the Cpt. yet cuz we realy dont know why this hapend! Maybe Cargo started to move in the belly of the B777 on Rotate? What ever my Girlfriend got out of the Aircraft safe and is now via Frankfurt and Bangkok in Kualalumpur. Thomas

Posted by Daryl Chapman - The Hong Kong Spotters on July 29, 2004

I have the engine stike, you have the tail stike :-)

Posted by christophersmith on July 29, 2004

why did the pilot do so much nose up altitude it is normaly 15%nose up but that looks about 20%nose up

Posted by Andrew Hunt on July 29, 2004

Incredible...great pic.......!

Posted by Nathan Ashinhurst on July 29, 2004

Wonder what the passengers are thinking!!!

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