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Description: We are the people who loves the sound of the flying airplane and aviation is our greatest passion. We’ve been joined by the 31st Tactical Air Force Base from Krzesiny near Poznan, as a matter of fact by its fence, where we’ve been meeting to observe the stationed fighters . We’ve also founded the discussion forum, where we share our observations, impressions, information and many other things relating to aviation. The first trials of creating the association were taken arround 2005, but then we haven’t managed to formalize everything and we failed. The idea of founding the association has never died and on the 19th December 2007 The Military Aviation Enthusiasts Association \
Website: http://www.krzesiny.org.pl/
E-Mail: [email protected]
Group Statitics:
Number of Members: 8
Total Num Photos: 962
Total Num Views: 1,482,419
Average Views: 1,541
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Group Members:
Photographer's Name # Photos Total Views Avg. Views/Photo
Wojtek Koprucki (SMLW Krzesiny) 241 274,595 1,139.40 View Photos / Contact
Krzysztof Suterski 205 291,979 1,424.29 View Photos / Contact
Piotr Lysakowski 185 397,762 2,150.06 View Photos / Contact
Walczak Krzysztof 151 229,658 1,520.91 View Photos / Contact
marcin czajko 112 178,230 1,591.34 View Photos / Contact
Tomasz Wasinski 58 92,291 1,591.22 View Photos / Contact
Paweł Trzaska 9 15,279 1,697.67 View Photos / Contact
Tomasz Bielicki 1 2,625 2,625.00 View Photos / Contact

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